Interlude 9: I Am A Nighthawk


I been slingin’ this hash and flippin’ these burgers long enough to know that the world ain’t comin’ to no end tomorrow ’cause God is havin’ too much of a laugh at my misery, you dig? But hey, if you believe it, that’s cool with me. Just remember to tip big, ’cause, what do you care?

For the rest of youse, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hannukah and a Kwazy Kwanzaa and try to love everybody as much as you can, ’cause don’t we all need it now. The ole Automat will catch you in the next unlucky year, and we’ll talk some more about things I don’t understand.


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6 Responses to Interlude 9: I Am A Nighthawk

  1. kenmeer livermaile says:

    cuz everybody knows what a turkey you are but have some mistletoe anyway.;)

  2. CMStewart says:

    An Uplifting and Exalting Kwanzaa, etc, to you too!

  3. Merry happy, to you and yours, V

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